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Travel of minors across the state border of the Republic of Serbia

In accordance with Article 12, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Border Control of the Republic of Serbia, the state border of Serbia can be crossed at the border crossing with a valid travel document or other document prescribed for crossing the state border, during the working hours of the border crossing and in accordance with the international agreement.

According to the provisions of Article 54, paragraph 2 of the mentioned Law, in order to cross the state border, a minor, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia up to the age of 16, when traveling alone or accompanied by another person who is not his parent or legal representative, must have the certified consent of both parents, if they jointly exercise parental rights, or of a legal representative. If the child travels with one of the parents, the written consent of the other parent is not required.

Foreign Citizens Minors do not need parental consent to cross the state border of the Republic of Serbia.



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